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Our story


We've been supporting a variety of different organisations for years. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in their various industries from countless years of work. We're proud of what we've achieved and of what we'll achieve in the future.






We were tired with how complicated and expensive various branding and marketing services were for startups and small businesses.

Either these services were too expensive to be accessed, or clients would often be mis-sold a service because the provider was trying to increase their bottom line.

We wanted to simplify all-things-digital whilst offering value to our clients.

Mission statement

Growing the sales of your business whilst reducing your workload

Your Business, Upgraded

Beginning with Website Hosting

Our story began in 2015 as Ark Web Hosting. It was the brainchild of two individuals who were frustrated with the complicated nature of website hosting. Both individuals were offering similar services to their own sets of clients but decided that in working together, they could create a much better experience for their customers.

Within a few months, the number of clients we were supporting grew rapidly but so, also, did their requests. Quite a few of these requests related to support with developing new or maintaining current websites and it was out of this than Ark Web was founded; a complete, all-encompassing approach to websites: hosting, creating and maintaining.

Becoming Ark Digital Agency

Having evolved into Ark Web at the beginning of 2018, we enjoyed steady growth mainly through word-of-mouth. We weren’t actively marketing our services and we weren’t interested in doing so either as we were still finding our feet. We released pretty quickly we needed new standard operating procedures (SOPs) and a number of new team members, and so we began putting in place the foundations of a healthy company.

However, as we reached the end of 2018, it became evident that our evolution wasn’t complete. Again, service requests that we weren’t able to fulfil became the new norm again and after detailed discussions, we made the decisions to transition into Ark Digital Agency.

Our mission has never changed though. We still want to provide easy-to-understand digital services to support startups and small businesses. However, we’re now able to do so in a greater capacity.

October 2015

February 2018

July 2019

Meet the Leadership Team

Lyndon Sweeney

Co-Founder and CEO
Lyndon was born in Manchester, England and he's always had a keen interest in working within the technology field. During his younger years, along with setting up Ark Digital Agency, he's supported the development of other young people through non-profit entities and he's currently serving as the Marketing Director for Hyve International, a global entrepreneur community.

Lyndon is an avid F1 fan and similarly enjoys karting, football and table tennis. He has two beautiful daughters and continues to live in East Midlands, England.

Adam Watkins

Senior Administrator & Customer Service

Dennis Johnson

Marketing Consultant

Daisy Tucker

UI/UX & Branding Consultant

Katrina Casusi

Senior Administrator

Viola Darryl

Customer Experience Manager

Maria Jolipas

Graphic Designer

Akshay Joshi

Website Developer

Jamila Lucas

Social Media Manager
Our team consists of several other individuals including social media experts, marketing and branding experts and graphic designers.


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