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Presenting yourself


How does the world look at you?

Having an effective brand is imperative to a marketing strategy and to growing your organisation. It'll allow a customer to you recognise you based on your design elements.

Branding 101

What Is Branding?

Who are you? What do you do? Why you? These are critical questions for any organisation to answer, and your brand is how you communicate those with your customer. Branding is more than just a logo - it is so much more! Branding is your typography, your colour scheme, what the customer feels when they come across one of your products. It's what sets you apart from your competition. Branding includes key areas such as:


Having an effective website is cornerstone to having an effective brand. In a digital age, it's not possible to exist without existing digitally, and we provide everything you need to get up and running:
•   Website creation
•   Website 
•   Website hosting 

Printed materials

It's still effective to market using printed materials as they allow you to share your message with your intended audience, including:
•   Business cards
•   Letterheads
•   Posters
•   Flyers
•   Other graphic 
     design needs

Digital materials

We have team of designers with vast experience in branding who can create digital materials that accurately represent you:
•   Logo
•   Social media 
•   Media article

Best in the business

Why Choose Ark Digital Agency?

Ark Digital Agency was built by professional web developers who wanted to provide more for their customers. Through a combination of excellent customer service and competitive prices, Ark Web has gone onto provide a simple website management company.

Wealth of experience

The Ark Digital team have been working with businesses, non-profit organisations and churches for over a decade in helping them go communicate themselves effectively.

Highly qualified

We have highly qualified staff with ample industry experience who work tirelessly to make sure you receive the experience and professionalism you deserve.

Clear process

Your project will contain frequent milestones in which we'll check in with you to share our progress and listen to your feedback.

Account manager

You’ll have a dedicated Account manager that will help you along at every step of the journey. They’ll also oversee the various designers and developers who’ll be working on your project.

Until your happy

We won’t stop until you’re happy and proud of your website, and to help with this, we’ll put in place various project milestones to make sure you’re in full control.

Much More

There are many other great features to our creation platform that you’ll discover once you join the Ark Digital family.

What our clients have said


Moving forward

What's Next?

Join the Ark Digital family together, we'll move forward strategically and efficiently in order to reach your goal.

Let's chat

The first thing we'll do is spend some time with you to understand who you are, your business and what you hope to achieve. Your branding package will designed around your needs.

We'll do our research

Next, we will spend some time researching your industry to understand your market and what appeals to your target audience. We'll present our findings complete with a plan on how we'll move forward together.


We're always excited when it comes to starting new projects and throughout yours, we'll keep you updated and with its development.

Answering your questions


Still got a question about something? Check out the frequently asked questions below and should these not help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I'm starting a new company - are you able to get me started?

Absolutely - that's why we're here! We'll tailor the package to your needs but if you've got nothing, we can create your logo, business cards, website and other promotional material.

We've already got a brand but we're not sure if it's working. Can you help with this?

Yes. We've got branding consultants that can assess your current situation, and they'll be able to provide advise and even hand over their strategy to our team for it to be implemented. For more information about our consultancy packages, click here.

Do all companies/organisations have a brand?

Yes. Whilst you may not have realised it, your organisation has a brand. It's inevitable. As soon as you put yourself into the public sphere, people will make an assessment on who you are and what you're about, and if you're not active about how you want people to view you, they'll still come to their own conclusions.

Other options available

Have You Considered?

Ark Digital began as a website creation company and whilst we now offer an array of different digital services, we still provide this initial service. We can make sure that your website gets the same branding treatment as the rest of your organisation so that your image is consistent across your various platforms.

Clients love us

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