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Coronavirus update


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing pain to so many whilst negatively impacting businesses across the world. We're going through one of the biggest economic changes of recent times. However, we're here to support businesses to pivot and maximise the marketing opportunity available.

Are you eligible for a grant?

Have you had a chance to check if you’re eligible for the small business grant the UK Government is offering to help businesses stay afloat? There are some unanswered questions surrounding the grants but if you meet the criteria, the local government office will be in touch with you soon. Here's what you may be entitled to:
  • Small businesses - Up to £10K grant
  • Leisure/hospitality industry - Up to £35K grant
  • Sole traders - Up to £2.5K grant
Additionally, for those within the leisure or hospitality industry, the government could also be on the way to offering business rates holiday for the tax year 2020-2021. For more information, book a free consultancy session and have one our team talk you through it in more detail.
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Alternatively, you’re welcome to call and book a session on ‭+44 116 318 4278.

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To further support you, our co-founder & CEO has opened up more slots in his diary to support businesses and startups. We’ve already helped many businesses and startups with our free sessions since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Some of the areas we’ve provided guidance and support on are:

Marketing Strategy - Your business is on hold due to the lockdown. We can appreciate how frustrating this may be. However, this doesn’t have to be lost time. Create or improve your marketing strategy for when the economy presses play again. Our team can help you to better understand your target audience, provide new audiences you could market to, develop new marketing campaigns and much more.

(P.s. How are you getting on with social media? We hope you’ve been posting regularly and relevantly to what’s going on. No? Let us know and we’ll help!)

Change Management - Your business has been operating one way for years. It’s all you know. But overnight, you’ve needed to change what you do, and how you do it, in order to stay relevant and afloat. Our team can provide insights into where you should be investing your time and money.

Startup Coaching - You have a 9-5 job and have been waiting for an opportunity to develop that idea you’ve always had in your mind. You know what the product or service will be but are struggling to know how to build it, market it or find the funding to pursue it. Well, now’s the perfect time for one of our consultants to support you to begin that startup.

Moving forward
There are many other ways a business consultant can support you today such as financial planning, market research and building effective teams.
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Alternatively, you’re welcome to call and book a session on ‭+44 116 318 4278.

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