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free website maintenance

Our free website maintenance package will keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly. Sign up today and don't pay anything, forever.

No card details required

Signing up for our free website maintenance tool is simple, painless and easy to do. Best of all, we don't require your debit/credit card information.

Completely free

We're not signing you up for a monthly subscription. We won't be asking for money in 30 days. This tool is completely free, forever.

Peace of mind

Managaing a website can have its stresses and challenges, but imagine if you had someone to help. We can give you that peace of mind.

Ongoing support

From day one, our team of experienced individuals will provide ongoing support. We'll keep a look out for your website and will offer feedback from time to time.

Benefits of the Maintenance Package

Increased security

Websites are vulnerable to being hacked, information being leaked and continually being spammed. Through our free maintenance package, we'll increase the security protocols on your website to reduce your risk factors. Follow these other steps to improve the security of your Wordpress website.

Always free, forever

In case you missed it, it's completely free. We won't be asking for any money in the near future. It's our way of supporting Wordpress-based websites.

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We create websites of all shapes and sizes; whether you're a startup or established business, we've got package that meets your needs.

  • Off-the-shelf websites
  • Bespoke websites
  • Update to your current website
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Other Maintenance Packages

We've got a number of other maintenance packages, which include these features:

  • Free development time
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Continual backups
  • Spam cleanups
  • ...much more!
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Still got a question about something? Check out the frequently asked questions below and should these not help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Will I have to give you my Wordpress login details?

We don't want you to because they're yours. However, we would like you to create us an administrator account, which'll allow us to setup your website on our system. We promise to keep your sensitive information confidential and abide by all GDPR laws.

Is having a website maintenance package necessary?

We would say so for sure. Maintaining your website can help prevent many unexpected issues that might arise. As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure." Also, it's often more cost-effective to have us on retainer than pay for things one off.

Will your team help when unexpected issues arise?

Absolutely. Whether or not you have signed up for a package, we are always ready to help in times of surprise. See us as your roadside recovery company but for your website.

Are there any types of websites you can't help with?

There are one or two but by and large, we can help with almost anything. Just ask and we'll provide honest answers.

Do you only support Wordpress websites?

Yes. Considering that 1.3 billion websites (35% of all websites that exist) use Wordpress, we believe that our tool will cater for the majority of our clients.


We're proud of the companies, businesses and organisations we've had the privilege of working with. Here are just a few testimonials of what they've said about us.
  • The Ark Digital Agency team showed me the importance of using all the tools that instagram have available, allowing me to gain a much larger follower count. Great work from the team.
    Heather Whitehouse
  • I have never understood much around marketing on Amazon, however, Ark were able to guide me on different ways to increase the amount of purchases. Their insight was invaluable.
    Brodie Jones
  • I had been using Mailchimp for years but never really made it work for me. Lyndon and his team were able to demonstrate to me where the pitfalls were in my current strategy and why I was receiving the desired clicks I was after, and how to increase it. Thank you guys!
    Ioan Clemons

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