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We’re experts in taking your product and getting it in front of your audience

Branding, marketing and consulting
Ark Digital Agency is a digital agency that delivers measurable goals through eye-catching creative graphics, data-driven marketing campaigns and other digital services.

What our clients ask for

Most Popular Services

Our clients use us for a multitude of different reasons but one thing they all have in common is that we're able to make the complicated digital world simple to understand. Whether you're an entrepreneur, start-up or an established small to medium-sized organisation, we can support you.

Web Creation

Whether you need a new website or you need support updating and managing your current one, our team of developers and designers can help you.

Social Media Management

Getting your message into the digital world of social media can seem complicated, but it's important. Our team of experts can assist you with this. 

Marketing Consulting

Whether you've got a marketing strategy that isn't working or you don't have one, our consultants can guide you through the process of increasing your marketing capacity.

Other Services Include


•   Website design
•   Logo design
•   Business cards
•   Printed material such as posters and flyers


•   Social media & ad campaigns
•   Sponsored ads
•   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
•   Email marketing
•   Video marketing


•   Project management
•   Marketing consulting
•   Change management
•   Branding consulting

Best in the business

Why Choose Ark Digital Agency?

Having established ourselves in 2015 as only a web hosting company, we've grown to offer an array of different digital services but here are six reasons as to why you should choose to work with us.

Competitive prices

Without compromising on quality, we aim to provide various digital services at affordable rates.

No long contracts

We know not everyone wants to be tied down so we've created various packages. Whether you're looking for a pay as you go option or to work with us for the long-term, we've got something for you.

No confusing jargon

We don't try to sound smart by using technical, non-sensical jargon. Instead, we let our work speak for ourselves. With that in mind, we speak every-day, English so you can understand clearly what we're talking about.

Friendly support team

Our support team of developers, consultants and project managers are always one hand to provide guidance and technological assistance.

Easy to transfer

Interested in moving Ark Digital from somewhere else? Awesome! Our team will help with the transition so it’s as smooth as possible

Security guaranteed

In today’s day and age, security is vitally important. Well, that’s what we think so we’ll make sure that the sensitive information you share with us remains private between us.

Trusted by Great Companies

Clients love us

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