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You have a product that is going to change the way that people work. You have a service that is going to make their day-to-day easier. You have an incredible idea that you want to share with the world. Making sure you market it effectively is hugely important.

Social media

Email marketing

Sponsored ads

Printed marketing

What is marketing?

Marketing is how the world finds out who you are and what you've got to offer. Effective marketing isn’t just sharing the occasional social media post or having a nice-looking poster. 
It's about how you build your customer base and how you keep them. This is where Ark Digital Agency comes in. Together, we can support you to make this happen.

    Gym Marketing

    A gym based in Birmingham were in need of a number of marketing materials to help them to push greater sales numbers. Our team of consultants began by identifying their USPs before establishing the goals of the project. This helped to shape the direction of the project. Our initial project framework began as a one off but soon became an ongoing arrangement.

    Gym Marketing

    Strengthen are based in the heart of a student-rich area with their target audience being individuals who have strong fitness goals. They're not targeting the everyday leisure gym goer but those who want to achieve long-term results. Our team of graphic designers were able to incorporate this information into the marketing materials that they developed.

    Gym Marketing

    Our expert team developed a fresh, modern range of marketing materials for Strengthen gym that we're proud of. This included:
    •     - Social media graphics
    •     - Management of their social media accounts
    •     - Flyers
    •     - Posters
    •     - Loyalty cards

How we can help you

We've identified a number of key marketing areas that all small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs need to consider when marketing their company, and we offer services to meet all needs.

Social Media

Your future customers are on their devices and you need an effective way to get hold of them. You can post organically or pay for advertising. Either way, Facebook and the like can help you. 
  • Social media management
  • Social media advertising
  • Posts and graphic design

Email Marketing

Build loyalty with those who are subscribed to you and convert them into valuable customers through a consistent email marketing campaign.
  • Grow subscriber lists
  • Email content creation
  • Email marketing management

Sponsored Advertisements

Utilise paid advertising on Google, social media, billboard, etc. to catch the attention of your target audience. They can be great tools to increase your customer base.
  • Social media ads
  • Google and Youtube ads
  • Commercial ads

Printed marketing

The backbone of most companies is the use of printed marketing to communicate with customers.
  • Menus
  • Loyalty cards
  • Advertisement billboards
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Other graphics

Why Choose Ark Digital Agency?

We were founded by professional website developers who wanted to provide more for their customers. Through a combination of excellent customer service and competitive prices, Ark Digital Agency has gone onto provide a variety of excellent website maintenance packages.

Wealth of experience

Our team have been working with businesses, non-profit organisations and churches for over a decade in helping them to communicate themselves effectively.

Bespoke packages

Every marketing approach is bespoke to you and your project. You won’t find your exact marketing approach anywhere.

Suitable for all budgets

We recognise that businesses and organisations of different sizes have varying budgets so we've designed a number of options to suit all. Even for entrepreneurs and startups!

Account manager

You’ll have a dedicated Account manager that will help you along at every step of the journey. They’ll also oversee the various designers and developers who’ll be working on your project.

Clear process

Your project will contain frequent milestones in which we'll check in with you to share our progress and listen to your feedback.

Much More

There are many other great features to our creation platform that you’ll discover once you join the Ark Digital Agency family.


We're proud of the companies, businesses and organisations we've had the privilege of working with. Here are just a few testimonials of what they've said about us.
  • "The Ark Digital Agency team showed me the importance of using all the tools that instagram have available, allowing me to gain a much larger follower count. Great work from the team."
    Hattie Buchanan
  • "I have never understood much around marketing on Amazon, however, Ark were able to guide me on different ways to increase the amount of purchases. Their insight was invaluable"
    David Roberts
  • "I had been using Mailchimp for years but never really made it work for me. Lyndon and his team were able to demonstrate to me where the pitfalls were in my current strategy and why I was receiving the desired clicks I was after, and how to increase it. Thank you guys!"
    Jamal Ballard

What is Marketing?

Marketing in business is a necessity to growth and it begins with understanding what marketing is before you're able to develop a marketing strategy.
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Still got a question about something? Check out the frequently asked questions below and should these not help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I use the same campaign on Facebook as I do on Instagram?

Yes and no. While there is no rule to stop you in doing so, you should bare in mind that your target audience on Facebook can be different to Instagram. It is not a one rule fits all approach.

Can you manage all my social media accounts?

Yes. We can create a tailor made social media marketing plan for each service and then we'll then present this to you before getting started. You'll know exactly what we'll do before we do it.

Do you offer support for multiple languages?

Absolutely. If it's needed, we can provide translations for all our services including your social media posts.

What happens next?

Signing up with Ark Digital Agency is just the first step. Together, we will move strategically and efficiently to reach our goal.

Let's chat

The first thing we'll do is spend some time with you to understand who you are, your business and what you hope to achieve. Your marketing package will designed around your needs.

We'll do our research

Next, we will spend some time researching your industry to understand your market and what appeals to your target audience. We'll present our findings complete with a plan on how we'll move forward together.


We're always excited when it comes to starting new projects and throughout yours, we'll keep you updated and with its development.

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