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Here are some of the most common reasons individuals have booked a session with Lyndon Sweeney

Strategise for post-COVID-19

The pandemic has affected all businesses in some capacity. We'll explore your business options for when the world comes off pause.

Fine-tune your current branding and marketing approach

What does your brand say about you? Does your marketing strategy appeal to your target market? Make changes and improve your customer acquisation rate.

Create a long-term vision of growth

What does your business look like in 3 years, 5 years or 10 years from now? Do you have business goals but not sure how you're going to get there? Let’s spend some time building your growth strategy.

Robust financial planning

How long can your business survive with little or no income? Can you streamline your business to increase your profit margin? Having a financial plan is imperative to maximise efficiency.

Creating a startup

Have you got an idea you've wanted to get off the ground or maybe you’re about to go live with your new company? We can plan together to make sure your concept is ready for growth.

Beginning a ministry

Do you have a faith-based passion but are struggling to know where to start? Maybe you've got the beginnings of something but need support taking it to the next level? Let's explore how we can support your vision.

About our co-founder & CEO

Lyndon Sweeney
Lyndon has been working in business for over a decade. Beginning with his hobby of videography, which developed through university, his journey has seem him begin a number of different companies including Ark Digital Agency.

Being the co-founder of an exciting company that specialises in branding and marketing, he's been priviledged with opportunities to support a wide range of different companies at various stages of their journey. Lyndon has supported and developed startups, businesses and ministries across the UK as well as in Europe.

Using analogies and real-life references, Lyndon has been able to break down the otherwise complicated business theory
into language that anyone can understand.

Lyndon is also one of the founding members of Hyve International, a non-profit that aims to support the growth of businesses across Europe. They specialise in hosting training events and business coaching.


We're proud of the companies, businesses and organisations we've had the privilege of working with. Here are just a few testimonials of what they've said about us.
  • I found Ark Digital via google and contacted their support team who guided me through the changes we were making with my 4-person team. They really helped me to grow my startup. Amazing and affordable.
    Francesca Meadows
  • My consultant helped us to sell more tickets online. He showed us some of our pitfalls and the reasons as to why we hadn't sold as many tickets as we would have liked. We've grown as a direct result of the support we received. Thank you very much!
    Nathan Ortiz
  • I wanted to launch my own startup but could only come up with the idea. Ark Digital helped me to implement that idea into a startup with over 20 team members. It was slick and simple, and left me a very happy woman. Thank you, Ark Digital Agency
    Tobias Hail


Still got a question about something? Check out the frequently asked questions below and should these not help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you familiar with GDPR and other legal requirements?

Yes. Ark Digital have researched heavily into UK law, and have an inside understanding of local laws and how to implement them. So no matter if it's information on hiring and firing, or the ever-so-popular GDPR laws, Ark Digital can help you.

How do I know you are the right fit for my company?

Your company is something you have nurtured from the ground up and is incredibly important to you. The team at Ark Digital understand this and we're more than happy to meet with you beforehand to make sure we are the right fit for you.

How long can we sign you on for?

As long as is needed. When you present your project to us, we'll give you an expected timeframe in which we believe your project should be completed within. However, should you want to extend the timeframe, we're happy to do so.

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