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Our Privacy Policy shares which of your information we collect, why we collect it and how you can control or delete it anytime.
Updated 25 June, 2019
Ark Digital Agency Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy shares which of your information we collect, why we collect it and how you can control or delete it at anytime.

Your privacy is very important to Ark Digital Agency. For that reason, we only collect any data that we consider 100% necessary. We gather information such as the following:
       •  Name
       •  Email Address
       •  Postal Address
       •  Contact Number
       •  Company Address

You can take full control of your data and delete these at any time. We provide a PDF document with all your personal data upon request. If this is something you would like to do, you can raise a support ticket with us and we will provide you with the necessary information (You will only be able to access this area of our support team if you have an account with us.).

What information is collected?
We collect information from you for the sole reason of creating a better service for you. The information we collect is what you provide to us. So when you sign up to have an account with us, purchase a product, or contact our support team, that information is securely stored on our servers. We do not use any third party sources to generate any more information from you. All we use is what you provide to us.

How we use your information?
At Ark Digital Agency, we make sure we only collect the data we deem necessary. The data we collect has either been submitted by you, or collected via our team when we communicate with you. The main reason we will use your data is to improve there service. This includes be is not limited to things like improving the services we offer, and the performance that they operate under. Most of the data we collect is based on performance improvements and is there for, based on statistics of your usage, not your personal data.

In the early stages where we are discussing the sale or services you are signing up to, we use the tool HubSpot. In order to take payments, we use two, trusted third party gateways called Stripe and TransferWise. These services fall inline with our values, including our values on security and your informations safety. We only share the information with these third parties if it is completely necessary and nothing extra.

On occasions, we may need to contact you directly and will use your provided information to do so. The methods we would use to contact you outside of the Ark Digital Agency framework may include a phone call, sms message, or email.

We have access to servers in various locations around the world. If your data is requested or needs to br transferred, that may mean that your data will be temporarily transferred across countries either to get to you, or its new location.

How you can access your information?
You can access and update any of your data at any time by logging in to your Ark Digital Agency client area and completing our form. If you don’t yet have an account with Ark Digital Agency, you can fill out the same form and we will provide the information we have within our HubSpot account. Should you wish for your data to be deleted, you can simply raise a ticket under the Security and Privacy department and one of the Ark Digital Agency team will comply with your request. Your data will not be deleted if it is still being used in an active investigation or infringing on any local or government rules.

How do we store your data?
We use the highest and latest standards including two factor authentication and encryption to make sure you data is stored safely and securely. We only hold on to your data for as long as you have an account with us, or we deem it necessary to delete in adherence to our terms of service.

Legal, Law Enforcements and Regulatory Requests
In order to protect you, our customer and other customers, the Ark Digital Agency company, and our third party partners of Ark Digital Agency, we will cooperate fully with any requests from any legal or law enforcement bodies. This includes any bodies acting under a legal capacity during either and investigation or prosecution phase. It is at Ark Digital Agency's discretion which of your data will be submitted either in part or your entire data once tangible evidence is provided to Ark Digital Agency.

To comply with ICANN or any ccTLD rules, we will notify you, should Ark Digital Agency deem it necessary, on the status of your data during an investigation, including and transferring or removal of your data from Ark Digital Agency servers. This can also include transferral or removal of your domain name, as well as hosting, and all other services that Ark Digital Agency offer.

Privacy Policy Updates
This privacy policy is updated regularly and without warning. The date of the latest version of the privacy policy is posted at the top of this page. You're are governed by this privacy policy once you provide to us any of the above information specified in the beginning of this document, not when you fully sign up to one of our plans. This means if you contact us either via phone, email or via a support ticket, you are now governed under this privacy policy..

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