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Oct 10
9 AM
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Beginning and managing a startup can be challenging and tiring; especially if you have little business experience. Once upon a time, Ark Digital Agency was a startup and our CEO, the speaker for the webinar, is excited to share with you how we grew the company into a successful business.
Learn the 4 key areas to rocketing your startup
Supporting the black owned business (BOB) community
Empowering others so we can build together
We're passionate about supporting startups and new businesses

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Lyndon Sweeney

Co-Founder & CEO, 
Ark Digital Agency


Since beginning Ark Digital Agency, Lyndon's had the privilege of working with many startups, small businesses and non-profits to help them rocket their growth. With his expertise in marketing and branding, he's been able to position companies in such way that has elevated their output. 

Lyndon was born in Manchester, England and has enjoyed the opportunity of speaking in various countries around the world. He's supported the rise of other young people through his non-profit ventures and is currently serving as the Marketing Director for Hyve International, a global entrepreneur community.


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An event not to be missed as we unpack the 4 key areas to turn your startup into a success. We're here to support the BOB community.

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